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battle_graphics's Journal

Battle Royale Graphics
Posting Access:
Anybody , Moderated
Welcome to Battle Royale Graphics. That should be pretty self-explanitory. This is a community for those who make battle royale related icons/wallpapers/graphics. This community is maintained by kenobi and moderated by sympathicnessy and unclouded_days.

Rules to Abide By:

  1. Be Civil.

  2. When posting more than four icons please use a lj-cut.

  3. If the files are rather large please put them behind a lj-cut, not all of us have cable modems

  4. Please, if you use any icons/graphics posted here please make sure to credit the icon's creator in your icon info

  5. if its a heavy spoiler, please put it beneath a lj-cut

  6. requests are welcomed just keep them to a minimum.

  7. please stay on topic. This is for Battle Royale, not 'The Ring'

If you wish to discuss Battle Royale, or Battle Royale II, please head over to the battle_royale community.

Thank you ^^